How to sign up? written by Alistar, 4 years, 7 months ago

This is the webpage where you can sign up to the 1on1 tournament. All you have to do is clicking " Sign-ups" and then press " Public sign-ups for this tournament are open. You can sign up for this tourney here. ". Your enrolment will be accepted one of our admins as soon as possible. After an admin has accepted you to the list you will be able to see it.

In case you have still problems to sign up, please, contact one of our admins and tell your player name and country.

Enrolment will be open until the 13th of february morning. Enrolment limit is 8/16/32 players depending on how many players are going to sign up.

Please, take your time now and read the rules carefully! We also highly recommend each of you to check General information section as well!


Congratulations VeryDead written by Alistar, 4 years, 7 months ago

VeryDead has won the first season of Teammuppet rifletennis cup! First season is officially over now and we want to thank all participants. We might host the second season later so stay tuned!

Did you miss 1on1 event? No worries! You can still sign up to the 2on2 tournament here: http://tmrifletennis2on2.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [tmrifletennis2on2.tourney.cc]