- We do not tolerate bad sportsmanship so behave kindly
- You can bounce the nade from roofs/walls/ground
- Use your TM or main nickname
- Everyone expect cheaters are allowed to play
- Every player and team has to sign up on tourney.cc website
- When you have finished your round, please, contact the admins on Teammuppet chat or send a private mail
- Please give your result according to your kills. For example 36-20 (Team 1 36 kills and Team 2 20 kills)
- All players have to record the matches.
- Each team and player has a right to pause the twice by writing /pause on the console
- Each round lasts 5 minutes
- Final will be played in 3 rounds (15 minutes in total). The one who wins most of 3 rounds will be the winner of the tournament
- Grenades are FORBIDDEN
- Rifle grenade is the ONLY weapon to be used
- Selfkilling in battle is not allowed
- When you die you have to come out of your spawn